• 05-Mar-2018 8:17 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    We know you love to see kids fish. How about kids that have never seen a fishing pole? Or what about kids that are too poor to have ever had the opportunity to go fishing? Both are important objectives. Is it also important to preserve habitats for all wildlife, so that those resources will be available for our future generations?

    We believe all Scouts should have the opportunity to catch a fish, and hopefully, within a reasonable period of time! Would it also be important for that same boy or girl to have the opportunity to clean and eat a fish.... build self-confidence and survival skills? Just as important, maybe that same scout should experience the beauty of releasing a fish back into the wild for another day. To see their fish swim off safely and in good condition. Should they appreciate the beauty around them... appreciate the wonder that all nature has to offer? Do our scouts need to become future stewards of tomorrow’s planet? All good questions that deserve an answer!

    Our Founder, Baden Powell, was a pioneer of release fishing. He also believed a scout should be able to survive in adverse conditions. Just as important, he believed that a scout must appreciate his surroundings and then leave no trace behind. Is it our responsibility to strive for those goals for our young scouts?

    Will you help us with our objective to do just that?

    Perhaps, soon, in the not so distant future, we can reestablish healthy fishing lakes in summer camps. Maybe one day, we can provide camps that don’t even have a lake to fish in, a place for Scouts to compete for awards and merit badges. A place where Scouts can practice healthy conservation ethics.

    Please consider helping us and donate to our newly established donor advised fund to make these and other goals become a reality.  Every donation, no matter how small, will help tremendously.  All proceeds go directly to helping the boys and girls of Scouting. Here are the details on how YOU can help: 

    So, please help with $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford. It’s not the amount.... it’s the commitment that counts! Thank you all.

    Make your checks payable to:

    Raymond James Charitable 

    On the FOR ________(line)

    Notate: BSA National Fishing Task Force, account # 180828  

    Mail to:

    Raymond James Charitable

    P.O. Box 23559

    St. Petersburg, FL 33742

    You should receive a thank you, acknowledgement and your tax-deductible letter within three weeks. The Our new finance committee has decided on the following gifting levels, with affordable recognition to follow: 


     Giving Level  Minimum  Maximum
     Bluegill  $25  $99
     Rainbow  $100  $499
     Steelhead  $500  $999
     Bonefish  $1,000  $4,999
     Silver King  $5,000  $9,999
     Pacific Sail  $10,000  $99,999
     Blue Marlin  $100,000  $249,999
     Grand Slam Master  $250,000  plus

    Fish On!

    C. Ben Jelsema

    Chairman –National BSA Fishing Task Force

  • 26-Feb-2018 10:49 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
    We're conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated.

    We would like to find out how affective is the CAI program.

    We would also like to create a list for units to fish across the country.

    Be on the look out for a an email;   

    From: " via" <>

    Date: Feb 26, 2018 10:24 PM

    Thank you for your participation!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 26-Feb-2018 10:12 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know! Are you interested in serving in a Fishing Staff Position for the 24th World Jamboree 2019?

    Dates:  July 18 to Aug. 3, 2019These dates include program area set up, staff development,  and program area take down.

    Cost: $1,800 excludes transportation

    Based on the response to this inquiry, we will make a determination as to whether we can answer the call to serve and report back to leadership of the World Scout Jamboree.  

    Your response to this inquiry is due March 7.

    Note: If you say you are interested in going, and the BSA National Fishing Task Force makes a decision based upon your response to this call to serve,  we are counting on you to meet all Staff Qualifications including;  Council Approval, Medical Approval, and Payment Fees of fees.

    If you are truly interested in serving, please send an e-mail  Michael Brand. In your response please indicate if you served on 2017 National Jamboree - Fishing Staff, or prior National Jamboree Staffs. 

    All responses required no later than March 7, 2018.    

    We will keep you posted as to our level of commitment received, and further developments as we move forward on this extraordinary opportunity!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 26-Feb-2018 10:05 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    VenturingFest 2018, the second national gathering of Venturers at the Summit Bechtel Reserve – a Scouting experience unlike any other before – is coming your way June 29 - July 7.

    VenturingFest 2018 is a special Scouting event at SBR that’s open to registered Venturers,  Scouts and adult leaders across the U.S. This six-day high-adventure festival invites participants to explore the best the SBR has to offer. We’re talking rock climbing, skateboarding, BMX biking, water sports, shooting sports, zip lines, challenge courses, and so much more! For more information on Venturingfest click

    As if the adrenaline-pumping activities weren’t enough, festival goers will also get to jam out to concerts and meet new friends in Venturing at the event.

    What more could a Venturer want?   FISHING   So what do we give them?  A quality Fishing Program under the leadership and direction provided by YOU! 

    Bring a friend, Certified Instructors in many areas are being recruited, but there are positions for staff of any experience/ability level.  

    Please check out this wonderful staffing opportunity

    Please register no later than  March 15, 2018 and email so that he can follow up with you. 

    Michael Brand - VentureFest - Fishing Staff 

  • 26-Feb-2018 10:48 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Rick Kagawa, has established a public facing page on Facebook for youth. A page where youth can post their pictures of their fish and fishing experiences.  

    This social media channel will provide us an opportunity to communicate with the BSA Population and encourage others to get to know us and our mission and do so in a fun manner.  We have Rules such as Scout like language or images only.  No last names or addresses for youth protection.  We invite you to like our this new Facebook page and please feel free to share the link with others. click here Scout'n Fish

  • 26-Feb-2018 10:40 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    New Youth Protection Training and Guidelines

    February 24, 2018

    As of January 31, 2018, BSA National has released new mandatory Youth Protection training and policies.  This was done as part of a continuous effort by BSA to reexamine and strengthen the policies they have for protecting our youth and adults.  This new release consists of both new policies and training.


    The new YPT Policies Include:

    By October 1, 2018, all new and currently registered leaders will be required to complete the updated training. The enhanced and updated content will allow leaders and councils to comply with all current legal requirements. While this may be inconvenient for some, it reflects the BSA’s commitment to the safety of all youth.

    • Adults accompanying units on activities who are present at the activity for 72 hours or more, must also take Youth Protection Training. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.
    • New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training prior to completing the registration process.
    • Units cannot re-charter unless all unit leaders have completed YPT within two years.
    • Adult Youth Protection Training is required for adult program participants 18 years or older. Adult program participants (Venturing, Order of the Arrow, Exploring) must complete adult Youth Protection Training before submitting their adult application.
    • BSA policy that when tenting, youth must be NOT more than 2 years apart in age unless relatives.
    • BSA policy that no one (youth or adult) may share an accommodation (tent) with a member of the opposite sex other than their spouse.
    • BSA policy that “buddies” must be NOT more than 2 years apart in age and the same level of maturity.

     BSA National Mandatory Training Policy:

    • Youth Protection Training (YPT) must be taken every two years.
    • Councils are permitted to enact additional requirements.

     The only position exceptions to taking the required the Youth Protection Training are:

    • Institutional heads
    • Adult partners in Tiger and Lion programs.

     Mandatory Training

    The Boy Scouts of America’s updated Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all registered adult leaders in all BSA programs. Other adults participating in Scouting are strongly encouraged to take this one-hour online training.

    The mandatory training modules are the following:

    • Overview & Policies – SCO_3001 (20 minutes)
      • Sexual Abuse – SCO_3003 (22 minutes)
      • Bullying – SCO_3004 (13 minutes)
      • YPT Certification – SCO_3007 (no time estimate)

    The prior version of BSA’s Youth Protection trainings will no longer be available. The updated training replaces other Youth Protection trainings and is required for all BSA programs.

    Depending on the speed of your network, this new training should take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  Be patient!

    Please check out the Youth Protection Course Navigation “Cheat Sheet”YPT-2 Nav-1.pdf

    I am planning to take the training later this week, how about you?  #DARETODO

    Remember, all adult leaders are required to complete this new training by Oct 1, 2018

  • 08-Feb-2018 1:45 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    As a BSA Certified Angling Instructor, Angling Educator, Merit Badge Counselor or aquatic resource educator, we impact the Conservation effort in so many ways. 

    I would like to share with you some exciting news about a CAI located within the Greater St. Louis Area Council who was recently recognized for distinguished service to conservation.  Please take a moment to review and reflect. Click here for  announcement. 

    You may also want to drop him a congratutory line by clicking here .

    Over the years, several BSA National Fishing Task Force Member have been recognized for their distinquished and unusual service to natural resources conservation and environment improvement over a sustanied period (at least 20 years) by the Boy Scouts of America National Office.   The following members of the BSA National Fishing Task Force have received the W. T. Hornaday Gold Medal; Tim Beaty, Robert Sousa, and me. 


    Michael Brand now joins a growing list of Certified Angling Instructors that have been recognized for their leadership to conservation at a council or area level for at least a three year period. The following Certified Angling Instructors and conservationist have received the W.T. Hornaday Gold Badge; Brett Bolton, Bill Pepito, and John Woodhall III.  

    We desire to recognize all who have provided distinguished service to conservation.  I have asked Michael to update our website and include a page on Conservation.  He has agreed to put it on the list, we all look forward to this new addition in the coming weeks. If you have received the a W.T Hornaday Award as a youth or adult please let us know by clicking here so that we can include your name on our listing of W.T. Hornaday Award Recipients.


    Most importantly, perhaps there is someone you know that is deserving of recognition for distinguished service to conservation.  If so, I encourage you to nominate them today!

    Thank you all for you support of BSA Fishing Programs and Conservation!  FISH ON!


    Ben Jelsema - Chairman

    BSA National Fishing Task Force

  • 07-Feb-2018 11:49 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    "We're Casting for Entries"

    in the 20th annual State-Fish Art Contest
    ... helping educators connect
    Science, Art and Kids
    to the watery world of fish!!!


    For more information please click here.

  • 24-Jan-2018 11:32 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    On July 31, 1948, William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt served as Scoutmaster at the first official Wood Badge course in the United States.

    Seventy years later, Wood Badge has grown into an essential training experience for adult volunteers. You’ll find proud Wood Badge alumni — myself included — in every council in the country.

    Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Wood Badge in the United States with a special award available only in 2018.

    The American Wood Badge Alumni 70th Anniversary Service Award can be earned by completing five of the nine requirements listed below. Think of this like a second, easier-to-complete Wood Badge ticket. (The actual Wood Badge ticket is a series of five projects that benefit local Scouting. After the in-person course, Wood Badgers complete these ticket items to receive their beads.)

    To receive the 70th Anniversary Service Award, you might participate in a;

    • council Wood Badge gathering
    • volunteer at a BSA training event (BSA Certified Angling Instructor Training Course, BSA Angling Educator Training Course, UOS Fishing Education Course preferred....  
    • donate $7 or $70 to your council’s Wood Badge scholarship fund,
    • become a member of Scouting Alumni and Friends.

    Applications must be completed by Dec. 31, 2018. Award recipients get a commemorative certificate and the special patch seen above.

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 23-Jan-2018 5:52 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    By introducing children to new experiences, the Cub Scouting program helps capture their creativity and encourage exploration. Cub Scouts offers many ways for kids to practice having low-tech fun: going on outdoor adventures, creating cars and rockets through derbies or helping the community through service projects. These experiences not only pay off in terms of development, but they also may start habits or hobbies that last for a lifetime!

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E-Mail: Michael Brand

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