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Why-BSA Fishing Programs

21-Nov-2020 10:53 PM | Michael Brand

Take a moment out of your busy life and reflect on Why-BSA Fishing Programs are essential.  

Now write down your thoughts on a napkin or piece of Paper.

After you have recorded your thoughts, please review the following pieces titled 2020-Why-BSA Fishing: To access the files click below.

2020-Why-BSA Fishing-1 Pager

2020-Why-BSA Fishing-4 Pager

How did your response compare to ours?

To support your efforts in Delivering your Promise to our Scouts. You may want to share these pieces with a personal note to fellow Scouters at the Unit, District, and Council Level.

Consider asking them how you can help them Deliver the Promise in these challenging times.

You may want to offer your help, whether virtual or small, while following BSA Safety Guidelines.


Michael Brand 

BSA National Sub-Committee Fishing - Member 

Task Team - Marketing & Communications - Lead

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