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Venturingfest 2020 - Fishing Staff Recruitment!

02-Oct-2019 12:49 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

From the Desk of Ronald Killian II


I'm personally inviting the lot of you to serve with me on the Venturingfest
2020 fishing staff at the Summit Bechtel Reserve next summer. The dates are
June 28th through July 3rd, 2020. The staff fee is $275.00 and the minimum
age is 16.

If you have any fellow CAI's who would love this opportunity, please ask
them, and forward me their contact information. If you've never been to the
Summit, this is a great time to see it.



Ronald A. Killian II

Central Region Area 4 Fishing Lead

BSA Certified Angling Instructor #119

Course Director

Tel: (614) 843-5820


  • 04-Mar-2020 2:58 PM | Paul Minenna (Administrator)
    Greeting Ron from NJ
    Can you let me know when is a good time to talk?
    I have questions about us arriving early to set up
    equipment for Venturefrest 2020 Fishing.

    I don't mind going a day or two early to set up
    rather than face a disaster of gear not properly cared
    for by others.
    Feel Free to Text or call me
    Paul Minenna
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