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Merit Badge Counselor Update - CAIs

31-Jan-2017 11:33 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
With any volunteer position in the Boy Scouts of America, understanding exactly what the role of that position is in the bigger picture and getting the proper training for the position is critical.

For the new merit badge counselor a good starting point is to review the Guide for Merit Badge Counselors available at: www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-065.pdf  This resource introduces MBCs to the merit badge process, helps them gain an understanding of their unique role in advancement, and provides them with good instructional techniques for working with Scouts. 

To find out about the availability of Merit Badge Counselor Orientation training in their area, new MBCs should check their local council’s website or contact their local district or council training committee. 

This training is of value even to seasoned MBCs, as new counseling techniques and ideas are often times rolled out in these sessions. 

Here is an example. New and veteran MBCs should first ask themselves a few simple questions:  Am I using the latest merit badge pamphlet and requirements for badge instruction? (Visit www.scouting.org/meritbadges.aspx for current merit badge pamphlets and requirements.) 

Do I have the skills, education, and experience currently required to teach youth the subject matter of the merit badge? Furthermore, if required as for certain badges, do I have the specialty certification or training needed to teach the badge? (Find a list of the required specialty certifications in Guide to Advancement (topic, accessible at www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf.

Is my required Youth Protection Training (YPT) current? (If you are not sure, contact your local council service center to find out; or better yet, just log onto your My.Scouting account (https:// my.scouting.org/) and take the convenient online YPT certification course.) 

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