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CAI Course Director Conference - Central Region

  • 04-Nov-2016
  • 6:00 PM
  • 06-Nov-2016
  • 1:00 PM
  • Holiday Inn Express Muncie 4201 W. Bethel Ave Muncie, IN 47304

This conference is facilitated by the BSA National Fishing Task Force, and designed to develop existing Certified Angling Instructors into confident CAI Course Directors.

The conference further enhances the understanding of the Mission and Vision of Outdoor Programs-Fishing.  You will be provided with a CAI course manual that guides you step by step instructions, in creating a CAI course for your area. Conference includes in depth discussion on CAI course design, team member recruitment and development, financial planning, facility considerations, and course marketing. The course highlights best practices on content delivery, in both the classroom and the field. Your are invited to join us as together we strive to deliver the promise to youth by offering quality fishing programs.

Scheduled Presenters include: 

Ben Jelsema - BSA National Fishing Task Force Chairman; 

William Pepito - BSA National Fishing Task Force; and 

Michael Brand - BSA National Fishing Task Force - Central Region Fishing Chair

Schedule:  Class Starts Friday    11/4/2016     6:00 PM

                  Class Ends Sunday  11/6/2016      1:00 PM

Accomodations:  Plan on 2 participants to a hotel room, 


The Hotel will provide and Organization agrees that it will be responsible for utilizing 16 “Total Room Nights” as follows:

ROOM TYPE RATE 11/04/2016 11/05/2016

            Friday Saturday

TQNN $99.00 8      8

Hotel’s room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes (currently 12%) in effect at the time of check-in.  Hotel rates are also subject to adjustment by the Hotel as further described in this Agreement in the event that Volunteer Boy Scout Leaders’s total program requirements are modified by the Organization.  


All reservations must be received by 10/02/16.

Holiday Inn Express Muncie

4201 W. Bethel Ave Muncie, IN  47304

Tel:  765-289-4678 Fax:  765-289-0533


All reservations are guaranteed at time of booking with a credit card.


Reservations for attendees must be received on or before 10/02/2016.  At the Cut-Off Date, Hotel will review the reservation pick-up for the Event, and release the unreserved rooms for general sale and determine whether it can accept reservations from attendees after the Cut-Off Date based on a space- and rate-available basis at the Organization’s group rate. The release of rooms for general sale following the Cut-Off Date shall not alter, release or negate Organization’s obligations regarding attrition and/or cancellation under this Agreement and any such released room shall be considered an “unused” room for such purposes.

Organization may request that rooms be held after the Cut-Off Date by providing Hotel a written guarantee for such rooms prior to the Cut-Off Date for the length of stay designated in the schedule of Total Room Nights listed above. 


All guests are responsible for all charges.


24 hours prior to first day of arrival without penalty of one room night’s charge, at the group rate.


The hotel check-in time is 3:00pm.  Room assignments prior to that time are on an availability basis.  

Check out time is 11:00am.  For any late check-out requests, please contact our Front Office staff who will approve based upon expected arrivals for that date. 

-Conference Center Meeting Room






Saturday: Breakfast no charge included with your room

                Lunch - Box Lunch $7.50

                Dinner -  Dine out say $20.00 plus bar tab

Sunday:   Breakfast no charge included with room

Address: 8 Forest Oak Ct, St. Louis, Missouri 63026

Phone: 314-477-8120

E-Mail: Michael Brand

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