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A BSA Certified Angling Instructor is?

A Scout Leader who has been given the tools to succeed, and has accepted the challenged to set personal goals such as:

  • To teach Scouts how to enjoy the sports of Fishing and Fly-Fishing
  • To insure quality angling instruction programs at Summer Camp
  • To provide quality equipment, thus improving the Scouts experience 
  • To improve Camp Fisheries and their management efforts.
  • To make Fishing an intentional program within their Council, so that Scouts may have fun for a lifetime in this exciting and relaxing outdoor adventure

A Scout Leader who maintains clear objectives in order to to achieve their goals such as:
  • Improve fishing opportunities offered at Cub Scout Day Camps
  • Improve fishing and fly-fishing programs offered at  Summer Camps
  • Develop High Adventure Fishing experiences/treks for Venturing Units
  • Improve Council Camp Fisheries by improving the resource
  • Assist in acquisition of fishing and fly-fishing tackles at special prices
  • To utilize the RBFF "Take Me Fishing" Programs to support all BSA Fishing events
  • To utilize the EDGE method when educating Scouts on Fishing Skills and Equipment
  • To participate in discussion groups and share other Councils' Fishing Programs
  • Promote the BSA Complete Angler Award
  • Promote the use of BSA Certified Angling Instructor training courses to improve the success of the MB Counselor

BSA Certified Angling Instructor

Anyone who has successfully completed the Certified Angling Instructor training course, will be awarded the designation as a BSA Certified Angling Instructor. 

BSA Training Code PAS Code: CS61  

Code for Patch with BSA National Supply 620739

The CAI Training course is taught using the EDGE Method, in an effort to provide the Scout Leader the tools necessary to design, develop, and provide leadership to BSA fishing programs.  As such, no prior Fishing experience is required, nor is any personal fishing equipment required to take the course.  However, if you possess angling knowledge and skills, we would like to leverage those talents and provide even better program with your participation in the CAI Training Course and in future angling activities. 

The CAI Training courses are facilitated by members of the BSA National Fishing Task Force, their team of BSA CAI Course Directors and their staff of BSA Certified Angling Instructors.  All maintain a focus on providing enhancements to your BSA Fishing Programs and serving the Scouts.

The CAI Course syllabus includes; Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing Fishing Programs held at the Unit, District, and Council Level.  Course participants will learn age based and skill appropriate fishing tools and techniques for their Scouts, ranging from the Cane Pole to Fly Fishing.  

The course will highlight best practices on content delivery, in both the classroom and the field. 

Certified Angling Instructor (CAI) Training Courses are designed to deliver an understanding of the Mission and Vision of BSA Outdoor Program - Fishing, and to assist the Scout Leader their efforts to Deliver the Promise to their Scouts. 

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